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LLAR (home) is a collective reflection on how it is to feel at home. At a time when everyone has been forced to close themselves inside our households, we claim the complexity and diversity of spaces, experiences, sensations and even people that can make us feel or identify as our home.
From April to June 2020, almost 200 participants from 9 schools in Figueres, Girona, Salt and Sant Feliu de Guíxols have taken part in this artistic production, through dance, theatrical or musical interventions. The original lyrics of the song have been created by Maria Rodés, based on the contributions of the participating teachers and artists. The musical basis is also the work of the singer together with Anna Carné (cello) and Meritxell Genís (violin) as artists linked to the project, and the special collaboration of Aleix Tobías on percussion.
The result is a multidisciplinary production that vindicates the value and role of cultural creation as an indispensable part of the quality of life but also of the education and development of the artistic abilities of youngs and children, a way to show freely and vindicate ourselves.
The resulting music video was published on the ConArte's YouTube channel on June 18 and is expected to perform a presentation open to the public with the singer Maria Rodés and the musical accompaniment of the orchestras of the schools El Gegant del Rec from Salt and Anicet de Pagès i Puig from Figueres, in the framework of the Temporada Alta Festival 2020, thanks to the collaboration with the project A Tempo, Arts i Formació.


Correu Brossa
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Correu Brossa (Junk Mail/Brossa's Mail) is an installation inspired by Joan Brossa, a Catalan artist, as a result of a year of artistic work by three schools within the "Planters" project reflection on the current education system.
Through the body, the word, the visual arts and music, children in the 5th grade of primary school from 3 public schools in Salt and l'Escala approached the poet Joan Brossa, reinterpreting him and creating his own Brossian archive. With this material, the Correu Brossa installation has been created, going far beyond the figure of the versatile creator and his artistic universe, creating a place that invites to think over the limits and stereotypes of school and teaching.
Correu Brossa has been exhibited at Sala La Planeta in Girona as part of the 2019 Temporada Alta Festival.
Here you can see a video that presents the creative process of the project. Correu Brossa has been funded by the Interreg-Poctefa program through the project Mind the Gap.


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The architecture and furniture of the school conceive concrete uses of spaces by the bodies. What happens when some bodies disassociate? What do the hyperactive, unadapted, bored, anorexic, depressed or distracted bodies want to say? What is the school not seeing in our bodies?

The 3rd grade of the secondary school students of hight school Salvador Espriu are creating, from these reflections, a scenic device that introduces the spectator to the complexity of the world of the school. A tribute to diversity and the possibility of thinking about movement.

El COS ES COLA premiered on December 7 at the Salt Theater as part of the Festival Temporda Alta.  


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In recent times, the Mediterranean Sea brings us hard images, loaded with drama, about dehumanized people who escape desperately from their homes looking for fortune at any price and enduring really hard situations. From ConArte International we would like to claim peace, solidarity and return beauty to our sea, example of cultural diversity and cradle of many of the children and young people of the "Planters".

The video clip MAR OBERT, is a song written, composed and performed by Rusó Sala with the collaboration of more than 200 children and young people participating to the "Planters" project in Figueres and Sant Feliu de Guíxols that closed a two-year long cycle working in artistic education (in 2018) during school hours.


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As a way to conclude the process of the first two courses of "Planters" project, more than 450 participants showed the results of the work and the efforts made in a production entitled Ambar(t), which was conducted by Guillem Roma (video, music and lyrics), Marta Roma (musical arrangements) and Santi Serratosa (body percussion).

The presentation of this production was made at the end of July 2016 through the social networks of ConArte International association and through the once of the educational centers involved. The AMPAs, the city councils and the festivals involved (Torroella de Montgrí Music Festival and Temporada Alta) were also been publicizing the production in public presentations at conferences, local, national and international conferences dedicated to artistic education and educational innovation. 

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