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ConArte dedicates its work to the education and the empowerment of young people and children through the arts and culture with four axes of work:

1. Establish a dialogue between the educational world and the world of artistic creation and culture. Encourage intervention projects in the educational field based on the arts and with artists to demonstrate and employ the potential the arts and the culture to contribute to development and social inclusion. And educate public and citizens, creators and consumers critical of the arts and culture.

2. Teacher training in methodologies of education for and from the arts, based on the values of UNESCO. Promote the participation of the artistic and cultural world in solidarity projects, social cohesion and development cooperation that consider education, arts and culture, promoting spaces for reflection and permanent joint training.

3. Creation of a network of arts, culture and education projects. Coordinating and articulating spaces between artists and teachers of secondary schools and specialised art schools. These spaces have different formats and levels from one-day work sessions to annual projects.

4. Generation of knowledge about the educational capacity of the arts. Organization of training seminars with teachers, social educators, artists, creators of all disciplines and cultural promoters with the objective of formulating, implementing and evaluating artistic and cultural projects in classrooms and in society

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