"MIGAP: Access to education and culture for the generation of capacities in the Trans-Pyrenean territory" funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the POCTEFA / INTERREG program.

This new European experience led by the Huesca City Council and together with 11 other partners in the cross-border area, aims to facilitate accessibility to culture among the most vulnerable populations.


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ConArte jointly with the A Tempo project, carries out annually, during the month of July, a Seminar about artistic pedagogies for social transformation.


These seminars, that have a duration of 30 hours, 20 classrooms teaching and 10 individual works, is recognized by the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya. In addition, the training also has associated the teaching profiles of Visual and Plastic Education and the methodologies one with a globalizing approach. This favors that teachers can consolidate their place in educational centers that require personnel with specific professional profiles. 

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The management of knowledge applied to the relationships between culture, education and development is the objective that we pursue with impact studies of art and education projects.
The main objective of testing new formulas to promote the role of the arts in education must be jointed with an evaluation exercise of the impacts that these initiatives generate among children and young people and their environment.
These studies have been possible thanks to the support of entities such as the Daniel & Nina Carasso Foundation, the Girona Provincial Council

  • “Planters” Project evaluation

  • “LOVA” project evaluation. Opera as a learning vehicle 

  • “INDIKA” program evaluation (Girona Provincial Council)

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The European Network of Observatories in the Field of Arts and Cultural Education (ENO) was founded in November 2015 in Berlin, and established as a registered association in January 2016. It connects knowledge centres in European countries. ENO aims to facilitate the exchange of research findings and innovative practice, to stimulate new research in arts and cultural education and to support the development of arts education within the framework of global UNESCO-policies and guidelines for education, culture and sustainable development. ConArte is a member of the network since 2017.


The Observatory of Applied Scenic Arts (AOAEA) works on the collection, generation and transfer of knowledge on how theatre and dance are applied to education, health and the community. It constitutes a meeting point and a basis for the creation of alliances between professionals and institutions linked to performing arts and social action. More and more schools, universities, health centres and social services, festivals, community projects, etc.  consider that the performing arts are an opportunity for inclusion and there is an increasing number of artistic projects committed to society. As the text of the presentation of the II Forum of Applied Performing Arts said: "artists who are involved in a creative process with the community transform themselves and at the same time the people with whom they work. Thus there is mutual learning. The public, on the other hand, is also not passive, it is also transformed. " To this end, the Theatre Institute promotes the OAEA in collaboration with the British Council, ConArte Internacional, the TNC, the Auditorium, the International Fair of Integrated Theatre (FITI), Mercat de les Flors, the Free Theatre and MNAC.